I received word today that accordianist Frank Marocco passed away yesterday. You cand read the story here.

This is sad news indeed.  Frank’s several appearances at the club with Campbell Ryga were some of the most memorable in the clubs 12 years.  Its funny how they came about:

I have always told Cam he has an ‘open door’ policy at The Cellar, meaning he can bring whomever he wishes and he has a gig!  So he leaves this message saying he’s got this accordion player friend and he wants to bring up. Thinking he was joking as Cam has been known to do, I called him back and said ‘of course Cam, an accordion player, no problem, I’ll pay you $2000 a night, fly him in first class, no problem./  Well as it turns out Cam was dead serious and my ignorance was not lost on Cam, he was quite pissed off at my response.  I felt bad but obliged, almost more out of curiosity than anything. Well, when it finally came to be I felt like a complete idiot. The shows were fantastic and Frank came as advertised. He played bebop accordion. What can I say, the shows were amazing. We did record and I think most of the stuff was lost in a hard drive crash a few years back which is a shame. Im going to have a look through my archives to see if I can find anything.

Here are a few pics of Frank. Sorry about my sweater folks.

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