Looking forward to tomorrow nights hit at Guy & Dolls Pool Hall with The Night Crawlers!.  Gonna be good times as it always is with that band and what better venue (aside from The Cellar) is a freaking pool hall! Love it! We hit at 9:00 PM sharp so gather some peeps and come and check it out!

Day 1 of NO SPORTS RADIO went well.  I have to admit it wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be and I was quite happy not having to listen to endless amount of bullshit that seems to stream from the hosts lips!  I’m hoping tomorrow will go as well as today!

Friday morning marks the beginning of NEW YORK WITH WEEDS 2012!  Steve Mynett and I leave on Friday morning. Steve will have his camera with him and I’ll be blogging daily from the Big Apple complete with pictures and hopefully some video to! Gonna be a lot of fun!



2 thoughts on “A FEW MUSINGS

  1. Having never heard of the Guys and Dolls pool hall it would have been helpful to put the address up front. I eventually found the link that led to a map of the location (but no address). No mention of a cover charge.
    I see references to a radio show with Cory but when and where is it ???
    Keep up the great music.
    Don Lymburner
    Point Grey, Vancouver

    • You are correct Don, the posting was not perfect. Sorry to have made you jump through the hopes. Also if you’re referring to the Radio link on the cellarjazz.com website or my own website I am on hiatus from radio for a while. Perhaps I should take that down!

      Hope to see you tonight!

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