NYWW-Day 0

It’s only day 0 because the tour doesn’t actually start until tomorrow. After a really fun gig at Guys & Dolls with the Night Crawlers it was back to Steve’ place for a quick nap (not before a quick smoked meat bagel from Seigels of course) before a 6AM wake up calm to go catch the Quick Coah to Seatac. God that bus ride takes forever. 5 hours to be exact. We made it without incident and the flight to NYC was painless. It always suprises me that even after all my trips to NYC I still get giddy like a little kid on that can ride into the city!!

After a quick check in and clean up at the hotel it was off to Bar Henry on Houston Street in Soho to hear tenor saxophonist Grant Stewart. Bar Henry used to be The Zinc Bar which would explain why I was experiencing some deja vu as we walked in.  Grant Stewart – tenor saxophone, Paul Silkivie – bass and Phil Stewart on drums sounded absolutely fantastic.  Grant is such a heavy player. Not a lot of people were listening but it didn’t matter. We were and thats all that counted. Awesome beginning to the tour and it hasn’t even really started yet!


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