Didn’t have any day activities so basically went to the gym, had a great lunch at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill and walked in Highline Park.  We made our way down to Birdland for Christian McBride’s Inside Straight. It was worth every single penny and more.  Im kinda still taken back by what I heard. It was so phenomenal.  Christian McBride on bass Peter Martin on piano, Steve Wilson on alto sax, Ulyesses Owens Jr. on drums and Warren Wolf on vibes were on their game from the first downbeat. The night started out with Christian just coming out and walking 2 or 3 choruses of the blues before they broke into Milt Jackson’s SKJ. He has an amazing presence about him.  Wow!

After that we headed a few blocks north and a few blocks west to Druids (where we actually end the tour on Saturday) where guitarist John Webber (yes the same John Webber that plays bass) was leading a trio with Adam Scone on organ and Joe Farnsworth on drums.  The music was burning but the highlight of the night is when Big George (Coleman) walked in. He didn’t play but he didn’t have to to make his presence felt.  It was fantastic!  Other musicians hanging out were pianist Peter Zak, saxophonist Dimitry Baevsky, Sean Lyons.


4 thoughts on “NEW YORK WITH WEEDS DAY 4

  1. Big George looks great and Farnsworth looks like he just got an audit notice from the IRS and Weeds, those red eyes made you look like the devil you really are!

  2. Cory My friend…Stop sending me these updates I’m so freakin jealous, make sure you are up for it next year. LOL

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