New York With Weeds 2012 IN THE BOOKS

Hard to believe the second edition of New York With Weeds is done. The 8 days were phenomenal. Great people, great food and most of all great music. Tenor Masters, Harold Mabern Trio, Johnny O’Neal, Seleno Clarke and Harlem Groove, Mike LeDonne Quartet, The Vanguard Orchestra, Christian McBride’s Inside Straight, Jeb Patton Trio, Ian Hendrickson-Smith Quintet and the Grant Stewart Trio were all fantastic. We managed to cram a bunch of other events in there to like The John Webber Trio, Jerry Weldon Trio, The John Farnsworth Quintet etc.

Plans are already underway for 2013 which will take place from Mar 16-23, 2013 and will include co-host Katie Malloch!!

More pics and video to follow. For now you can visit for news and updates. We are hoping to have a new website in the next few months!


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