I’m not sure what it is with me these days but I’m totally consumed by listening to piano trios.  I saw two phenomenal ones when I was in New York a few weeks back in JEB PATTON with Joe Saunders on bass and Pete van Nostrand and HAROLD MABERN with John Webber on bass and Louis Hayes on drums. I managed to run into pianist PETER ZAK a few times. I met Peter a few years ago when I was gigging at Small’s with Jim Rotondi then I brought him out to The Cellar with Walt Weiskopf.  Great guy and has put out  a string of great records on Steeplechase as well as backing up trumpeter Ryan Kisor on a few great recordings (most notably Kisor’s Live @ Smalls date) but on his latest album called Down East Zak outdoes himself.  The rhythm team of Peter Washington and Rodney Green are perfect for Zak and I can’t remember getting as much enjoyment out of listening to a record as I did this one. The material is wonderful with tunes like Clifford Brown’s (I think) Tiny Capers, Monk’s Gallop’s Gallop, a cool arrangement and reading of Henry Mancini’s (I think) Dreamsville and some great original compositions in there as well.

I’m not a critic (although I have lots of opinions) and if you’ve ever read any of my posts or looked at the print calendar for The Cellar you’d realize I’am not a writer but I love blogging about music that really touches me. I can’t wax poetic about why it touches me and even being a musician I often have trouble trouble articulating why I like something or why I don’t like something for that matter. So, all I can say is about this record is buy it!!! Its burning and Peter and his trio should be commended for making such wonderfully enjoyable music to listen to.

On the platter this week will be: Tommy Flanagan Trio: Giant Steps.



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  1. I know this is ancient history but if you’re into piano trios you’ve got to check out “The Soulful Piano of Junior Mance” on Jazzland records with bassist Ben Tucker and Bobby Thomas on drums. It swings harder than a safe door! Was done in October 1960.

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