Here at my little haunt in Williamsburg, The Beaner Bar after an incredible gig last night. Sometimes it just feels good and last night it felt great. For what was essentially a thrown together group we came together very nicely. Brian Floody is a really greasy and super swinging! Sean Cronin who oddly enough I had never played with on an actual gig swung hard and had a great big bass sound. Took some nice solos to! Spike on piano sounded really phenomenal. He plays some shit! Super burning. Ian Hendrickson-Smith on alto was as soulful as ever. Blowin so hard through that metal link it sounds like his alto is gonna blow up! It was a real pleasure to share the stage with these guys. The club was packed and they loved it. I got so many nice compliments about the band and the music. There were many special guests that showed up. Pianist Dado Moroni was there which was so special because I kinda grew up listening to him. Craig Wuepper, great drummer and piano tuner, Scott Sanft from Vancouver (now living in NYC), great pianist, Lou Donaldson popped his head in for a minute (thankfully I wasn’t playing!!) but that was special. I got all giddy like a child. Papa Lou!! Tenor saxophonist Ralph Bowen who was playing the next set, tenor saxophonist Stacey Dillard was there. Smalls is such a great hang. Great way to end a great day.

I got together with pianist Peter Zak and his girlfriend (her name escapes me) for dinner at Noodletown in Chinatown. Soft shell crab! Holy crap, it was unreal!

Looking forward to dinner at Casa LeDonne for meatballs and gravy. He’s gonna have to do a good job if he wants to beat Jesse Cahill’s. M &G are a Cahill specialty!

I have pictures that I’ll post when I get home!


4 thoughts on “NEW YORK NEW YORK

  1. Now who do you think is going to win the meatballs and gravy battle? A 2nd generation Neapolitan/Sicilian who learned from his mother the way she learned from her father that moved here from the old country – or an Irish MF that learned it out of a book? No offense – but I’m just sayin’

  2. I will concede, even without having tried them, that Don’s meatballs and gravy are most likely superior. However ,in my defence I didn’t learn from no stinkin’ book!

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