First class all around!! What a fun time in Pittsburg. The day started out with a visit to Jerry’s Records with Joey D and Byron. Man we had some fun in there. I’ll post some pictures when I get home and get them off my camera. Byron and Joey were hilarious in there. We were there for about two hours. Got back to hotel and Magnarelli got into town and we went for lunch and hung out for a minute. He is a great cat. So cool to hang and talk with.

Did a quick sound check/rehearsal and then went for dinner where I think I may have had the best meal I’ve ever had. No exaggeration. I had the mixed grill with filet mignonette and salmon. The restaurant is in the hotel and it’s called Sonoma. I met the Executive Chef Andrew and was able pass my comments on directly to him which was cool.

The gig as expected was phenomenal. Good crowd and enthusiastic. Joey makes everything so easy. The groove is amazing. The great Roger Humphries sat in as well as trumpeter Sean Jones. Everything about the night was fantastic. Sold a ton of CDs, all 5 of the records that I brought so it was a huge success. I’m not sure or when I’ll get the opportunity to play with those cats again but I hope it’s soon!


2 thoughts on “THANK YOU PITTSBURG

  1. Hey Corey….It was great meeting you and hearing you for the first time. Everyone was smokin’ last night and the encore with San and Rodger was cool as well. Next time you come to Pittsburgh make sure you hang with me as well. I hope it’s soon!! Now that I know someone in Vancouver when I cmoe west I’ll hang with you at your club.

    Stay in touch man. Peace

    Kevin Amos / Host of “One To One” with Kevin Amos, “Jazz Corner” on and Pittsburgh Jazz Writer for and freelancer at New Pittsburgh Courier

  2. If you enjoyed Pittsburgh, so much, and it is Pittsburgh, Pa. you are talking about… You should at least learn how to spell it..

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