The classy Linton Garner clapping after a Ross Taggart solo!


What can you say about Linton Garner? I didn’t know him very well but the one time he graced The Cellar stage, Ross Taggart had the presence of mind to make sure the tape was rolling.  It was just a trio (Russ Botten – bass, and Ross Taggart – tenor saxophone) and the instruments had to be mic’d anyways. Ross asked that we not tell Linton that we were recording because it may make him play differently or freak him out a bit. The other funny thing is that I wasn’t expecting to be that busy so I figured I could sit in the booth at the back and watch the levels. As it turns out we had 70 people show up and we got killed! I had to just press record and hope that everything was cool. As it turns out it was  more than cool!  We released the LINTON GARNER TRIO – QUIET NIGHTS. A beautiful CD and Linton played magnificently on it as did Russ and Ross. It’s no longer physically available but can be downloaded from iTunes here. We miss you Mr. Garner!



  1. Thanks for that post Cory. Linton should never be forgotten for his beautiful and generous soul and his artistry.

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