Brad Turner, Andre Lachance, Gary Bartz and Bernie Arai

Alto saxophonist Gary Bartz was one of the first ‘big’ name I brought to The Cellar in the first few years.  He was amazing.  I went down with my girlfriend at the time in my little Honda Civic hatchback to get him in Seattle after his show with Sphere at Jazz Alley.  We drove back and at the border we had no paperwork.  I was taking a huge risk (not sure what I was thinking). Gary was so calm cool and collected. That was the LAST time we ever did anything without the proper paperwork.  I was young stupid and didn’t know any better. Gary played tremendously and treated the local musicians very well. The first night he played with Mike Allen’s group and the second night he played with Brad Turner’s group.  It was a real thrill to have Gary Bartz at The Cellar. Makes me wonder a little bit why we never did it again. Hmmmmmm. I’ll have to get on that!


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