Kurt Rosenwinkel, Eric MacPherson, myself, Mark Turner and Ben Street in 2002 after their jazz fest show at The Cellar. The Turner/Rosenwinkel band was at the height of their powers. Although not my favourite music there is and was no denying the level they were playing at. Mark and Kurt had something really special going on between them musically. Unfortunately though the thing I remember most about that weekend had nothing to do with the music.  On the first night (Friday), 3 city officials, a fire inspector and 3 police officers decided to come down and do a full ‘raid’ of the club.  We had 65 people in there, the kitchen was getting hammered and in walk all these uniforms.  The fire chief (probably without question the biggest ass*&%$ I have come across in 12 years at The Cellar) threatened to shut us down due to an improper suppression system in the kitchen and said it would be $30,000 to fix.  I was more upset than I had ever been in my life  As it turned out its was only $5000 which at that time was a lot but we got through it and it brought about a ton of support from our patrons.  Quite a night. Im sure Kurt, Mark, Ben and Eric will remember it forever as I had to delay their start time!


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