Crash @ The Cellar

Well, this is a rare photo for a number of reasons. The first one of which is I’m playing flute which thankfully didn’t happen very often. I made a valiant effort and trying to be a better flute player but it just wasn’t in the cards for me!  I know the tune we were playing. It’s a tune I wrote called ‘Lizard.’  The other reason its rare is although the band played at the club quite frequently in the early days I believe it only ever played once, maybe twice with the original lineup which was Jamie Kaufmann – drums, André Lachance – bass, Mike Kenny – keys, Jerry Cook tenor saxophone and myself on alto saxophone and flute.  I can’t see the bassist in the picture but I’m pretty sure Andre was on this gig.  I formed Crash in 1998 and we had a lot of fun including a CDN tour that saw us perform at The Montreal Jazz Festival. We recorded three records under the Crash name. The first two with the original lineup and the 3rd with a Bernie Arai on drums, Mark Humeniuk on bass and Dr. Lonnie Smith on b3 organ.


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