I’ve often asked myself ‘why do I do a blog?’ ‘who does it serve?’ ‘who cares?’ and I’ve concluded that I do it for me and don’t really care how many hits I get or how many readers I get…….but…..then I find myself looking at my ‘stats’ to find out all the info I just said I don’t care about!! 2 posts ago, the one about the wack job customer got 214 hits (most ever on my blog), the Pic Of The Day: Kenny Garrett got about 150 and I’m convinced that people that know the KG story assumed I was going to spout off and checked out the post. So it’s controversy that people are after? I’m curious. I have put up some great videos or great sound clips and gotten very few hits.

Is it true even in the jazz world that controversy sells?

I think my Glasper post did well to 🙂

I certainly have lots to say about alot of stuff but also have to be careful as I have a business to run with my name on it!!

I’ll try to be more controversial!!


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