MOST CLASSIC NIGHT EVER *warning, this post contains some foul language

I think I was the only one that didn’t realize it was a full moon last night. It became apparent very very quickly however that the moon was full and it would be a long night. Actually, it wasn’t a long night other than one main incident at the beginning of the evening.

It was bit slower last night, I was sitting in the office and it felt like it was 7:30. It was a 7:30 kinda vibe. I looked at my watch and it was actually 8:15. I quickly got the band together and got up on stage to introduce the band. For those that have been to the club you know my opening remarks can be a bit lengthy. I did my best to keep them at a reasonable length given our late start. When I got to the noise policy part I stated things pretty much exactly as I do every time I introduce the band. The band was a about 1/2 way through their first tune and I was kneeling down close to the stage taking some pictures when one of my staff members tapped me on the shoulders and whispered something like “this customer if freaking out and is really upset.” He then started screaming at me. I quickly stood up and ushered him towards the door so we could have a conversation about what could possibly have made him so angy. I was a bit stressed. Was in the food? The service? Could it possibly be the music? He pointed at me and repeatedly poked me in the chest. I asked him to step back and to please not touch me any more. I asked him to calm down and tell me what the problem was. His wife was trying to get him just to leave but I really needed to know what was up. This is where it gets good…..his exact quote “the music is fucking great, the food was fucking great, the service was fucking great but you’re a fucking asshole.” I almost burst out into laughter because that was hilarious. I knew at that point what he was upset about. He then followed up his tirade by saying “you can’t tell people how to act and how to behave in your place, 99% of the people in there love it but we fucking hate it.”

It went on for a few more minutes and some other pleasantries were exchanged before he finally left. I hung around for the rest of the first set to make sure there were no more ‘full mooners’ out there.

I’ve definitely seen a lot at The Cellar in 12 years but last night was one of the craziest and funniest….read this line again: “the music is fucking great, the food was fucking great, the service was fucking great but you’re a fucking asshole.”


6 thoughts on “MOST CLASSIC NIGHT EVER *warning, this post contains some foul language

  1. Cory.. As one who was there, may I attest that every one else at the club last night had a great time. This fellow was a self-centred egocentric jerk who must have had a really bad day.. Pity for his wife!!!

  2. I saw them leave……the guy really needs to see a shrink as your intro WAS short and to the point and nothing in your intro was out of the ordinary and nothing more that any other MC would say, including me. Can’t wait for the next full mood…..woohoo!

  3. Cory…I think I speak for your regular customers…we appreciate it that you expect the audience to respect the music and musicians. And *real* jazz fans do!

  4. Being a frequent customer of yours and a jazz musician I appreciate the words before a performance, it shows true respect for your comrades in the business Cory. It’s too bad the fellow didn’t see it that way

  5. Hey Weeds…I just need you to know you are one of my very favourite fucking assholes! Bless you my friend…

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