I know you had all given up on me thinking Weeds had a good run of ‘Pics Of The Day’ but he bailed tonight and that spells the end of it!  WRONG! Just under the wire I make it! This is a picture of Frank Wess and me in the office. This was a special weekend for a number of reasons. First of all Frank at 82 years young sounded like he was 30!  Over two nights he played 4 sets and didn’t play any repeats. He did 6 tunes a set and the second night was completely different from the first!  The weekend Frank was at the club was also the first time I told my wife that I loved her……I know….awwwwwwww….so cute right!

Off to bed to rest the thumb!


2 thoughts on “PIC OF THE DAY: FRANK WESS

  1. Cory..Remember so well seeing Frank Wess with the Basie Band uk 1965, front row seat aa1 (still got the stub) cost 1 pound. I can still to thisday hear the shear power of that band. Stood outside the stage door and talked with Frank Foster (an alltime fave) Wess, Joe Newman and Sonny Payne..too shy to ask for autograpghs but boy do I wish a had a camera. Doesn’t matter its still as clear in my old head today as it was then and that music still makes me shiver>

    Rest the thumb, won’t do you any good though, will fall off, good job it was ONLY your thumb.

    Great stuff Mr Weeds..enjoying this.

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