To all my singer friends out there this will of course make you laugh or really, to anyone out there, this will make you laugh. I’m coverted!  I love singers! Alright, alright, lets all just calm down for a minute……I have a reputation as someone who doesn’t like singers which is absolutely untrue on so many levels.  I have enjoyed many great nights at The Cellar while some of my favorite Vancouver singers have graced the stage and recently have had the great pleasure of playing fairly regularily with Jennifer Scott and loving every minute of it.  When I do have some spare moments to listen to music at home or in the car, I will admit that I don’t reach for the vocals records, CDs or MP3s but that hardly means I don’t like singers. I have had a few ‘moments’ where I have had to stop and just really take in what I’m hearing and realize how truly wonderful and beautiful it is.  2 such moments include FRANK SINATRA “Live @ The Sands” with the Count Basie Orchestra which I first heard when I was at the University Of North Texas. Another one was when I heard Tony Bennett guest with The Bill Charlap Trio on their CD of Hoagy Carmichael music…..the name of it escape me but Tony sings I Get Along Without You Very Well and it is beauty in its purest form! I think there have been few others, I vaguely remember another moment listening to Shirley Horn’s album Here’s To Life.  Well, I had one of those moments today thanks to the amazing Sarah Vaughan.  A friend of mine sent me a billion MP3s of all kinds of music and I just hit play and the first thing that came on was SARAH VAUGHAN – AFTER HOURS featuring Mundell Lowe on guitar and George Duvivier on bass.  I’m not going to wax poetic about the record and I don’t have any in depth analysis of the album and why I like it. All I can say is the drive from Burnaby to The Cellar  was the most pleasant it has been in a long time!  Thanks Sarah!!!!



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