Once, again I have let someone bait me into a  conversation that breeds anger, bitterness and hate.  Amongst close friends and colleagues I am as opinionated as one can possibly be and have thoughts on just about everything jazz related. One thing I try to do however is always act with a sense of respect and common sense/decency. Admittedely I don’t always succeed and am the first to stand up and say “I’m sorry” if I felt I have done wrong.

My apology for the day is I called someone a jackass on twitter which was unnecessary and I also made reference to ‘Eurojazz’ as invalid and not worthy. Both uncool things on my part. Not that this makes it right but it was in response to someone not using common sense and decency.  Someone posted on Twitter that my album was listed in the Top 50 Jazz Week Releases last week (#4 to be exact and #8 this week).  The post was tweeted to myself, the club and Ken Pickering. Bugge (pronounced Boogie) Wesseltoft replied with ‘pretty boring list.’  Is it me or does that seem like sour grapes? He did say it wasn’t intended to be insulting but hey, I’m a sensitive guy just like the rest of it but why say that and include me in it. Why not a congrats first or…why is he even including me anyways?  He then went on to say how hard it was for ‘Eurojazz’ artist to get gigs and get respect in North America blah blah blah.  Another musician bitching an moaning about what they aren’t getting yet their government hands over hundreds of thousands of dollars to musician to travel the world and spread the gospel of  ‘Eurojazz.’ I have received very little if any government support for all of my various endeavours and sometimes I get frustrated by the lack of that support but I forge on and do it myself. Lack of government funding has never ever stopped me from doing anything at all.

I think if you listen to Eurojazz it’s pretty clear why it isn’t played on the radio, not an insult by any stretch, just a fact.  I play mainstream, straight ahead, swinging jazz music and that’s what radio likes. I also find it funny that he was crying foul and including Ken Pickering who arguably one of the biggest if not THE biggest supporter of Eurojazz and its off shoots.

I should be mature enough and secure enough to let that stuff role off my back and just laugh but once again I let it get the better of me. Oh well, sometimes it sucks being human.






  1. I worked with Bugge for a few records when I ran Jazzland in Canada and although a very talented creative artist, he could be a bit opinionated…. 🙂 He also is very dry personality, and cats from Norway can really be direct and without much emotion sometimes. I’m sure it wasn’t directed at you – us Canadians are sensitive fuckers! I did a campaign once called “Got Bugge?” It was fashioned off of the “Got Milk” ads and had a photo of Bugge with a milk mustache. I thought it was funny. They didn’t….

    • Hey man, I hear you. I KNOW it wasn’t directed at me. He doesnt even know me. It was still a dumbass thing to say and then to go into how tough it is for his people to get recognition in the US and stuff. Give me a break. Im so sick of entitlement. It’s the most prevelant thing that exists in the music business, especially jazz and his Twitter stuff is the perfect example. I’m tired of it.

  2. Yes, there is a late night radio show on BBC R3 “Jazz on 3” hosted by Jez Nelson which plays a lot of this stuff. I’m as open-minded as the next guy but most of this stuff is pretty much unlistenable.

  3. Cory sez: “I play mainstream, straight ahead, swinging jazz music and that’s what radio likes…”
    Not to mention your fans.
    I don’t know another single person with your energy and ability. Keep it up, man!

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