When an honor of ANY type is bestowed on you, you must try to take it graciously and thankfully and not question it or feel weird about it.  Sometimes recognition from the ‘outside’ world is all we have because as you know many musicians (including myself) have trouble with loving themselves or conjuring up validity from within.   I was shocked recently to find out that my name cropped up in Tim Tamashiro’s Blog in the TOP 5 CANADIAN SAXOPHONISTS category.   Let me say that I’m truly honored to be considered in such high esteem and TimTam and CBC have been SOOOO supportive of all of my endeavours and if he considers me in that group than I who am I to question what he thinks.

I am A LOT of things but I’m very uncomfortable (I will no doubt still use it in all my press packages) with being considered in the Top 15 let alone the Top 5 saxophonists in Canada. Let’s get one things straight. I am NOT one of the Top 5 Saxophonists in Canada.  As long as people like Steve Kaldestad, Mike Allen, Ross Taggart, Jon Bentley, Cam Ryga, Dave Say, Jerrold Dubbyk, Kent Sangster, Jim Brennan, Mike Murley, Kelly Jefferson, Jeff King, Luis Deniz, Al McLean and oh god how this list goes on are strapping wet reeds to a mouthpiece  I will sit comfortably in the Top 15 to Top 50 saxophonists in Canada.

Now since we’re handing out awards, here are some that could justifiably come my way:

Best Jazz Club Owning Saxophonist

Saxophonist Who Puts Out The Most Records Of His Own (seems like once every month)

TOP 5 Saxophonists That Gets Frustrated An Nearly Quits At Least Once A Week

Best Saxophonists that uses the phrase “fucking burning”

I could go on and on!



  1. One of THE best posts ever…great stuff Cory..brought a huge smile to my face..just absolutely Cory Weeds.

    Richard Winn

    Richard Winn

    Ph: 604.542.1479 |Cell: 604.347.2772

    Email: rswinn@shaw.ca

  2. Hi Cory, You are too humble! You forgot P.J Perry didn’t you?Cheers, JohnPS will try to get to your CD release!

  3. One things? it’s either one thing, or two things… can’t be one things. As for the top 5 thing, perhaps it should be called the hardest working 5, or the most interesting 5, because if you read Tim’s blog, he talks about being a leader, accomplished and always having something on the go. “What will they be doing next?”

    So, sure, you’re right Cory. There’s more talented players out there… always will be. But how many of them could list the things you’ve accomplished this past year, while still playing a killer sax all across North America. Seems you fit Tim’s definition of what he was looking for perfectly. So stop apologizing and get that sign you have planned for the Cellar finished.

    You know… the one that says, the Cellar, Home the 2nd Best Club and Sax Player in Canada, 2012. “We’re number 2, so we try harder.”

  4. I was tuning in a clock radio in a hotel room the other day, hit on CBC 2 during Tamashiro’s show. He played Up Over And Out, which I didn’t recognize. It sounded totally awesome, and I really enjoyed all 7 plus minutes of it – then he announced that it was from your album Up A Step. Yeah, I don’t think too many people would complain about you making the top five Cory.

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