Well, I have been Facebooking, emailing and tweeting threats of change for the past few weeks now and it’s finally time to ACTUALLY announce what’s happening….but first….some of the obvious changes.  We have new Quartz countertops, undermount sinks and new fixtures in both bathrooms.  The response from the ladies has been phenomenal. We’ll still do a few things to try to spice up the woman’s bathroom but the sinks have made a huge difference!  You’ll also notice the new flooring on the stage. It looks much classier and also has made a difference in the sound at the club. Especially the bass! Not as boomy. That has been a problem for some time now. Hopefully it’s fixed or at least better.  In the next few weeks we will be getting new tables which will really help the overall look of the club as well as increase the comfort level.  The tables have been a LONG time coming. Should be in by the first week of October.

The Cellar also got some new main speakers.  They are QSC and last night is the first night I heard them and I was thoroughly impressed with the sound. They are extremely natural sounding!

Now to the BIG changes!

This Friday, September 28th2 Chefs And A Table will help the club celebrate it’s 12th Anniversary by launching a new food partnership with the Cellar. The menu of share plates and entrees they have created for the Cellar balances seasonal favourites with healthy dose of flavours of the Bayou and South where Jazz originated over a century ago.

I’m very very excited about this announcement and am looking forwrad to what lies ahead for the club in the coming months.

You will also notice changes to our beverage program as well. Local vocalist Jennifer Scott has done our wine list and drummer Jesse Cahill of Night Crawlers fame has done our liquor list!

Lots of exciting things!


4 thoughts on “CHANGES, LOTS and LOTS OF CHANGES

  1. Hey great news. Jesse on the liquor list? That could be fun.

    If you are looking at washroom dispensers and paper options, let me know .

    I dropped in the mail a copy of Dig magazine published by Steve Kirby in Winnipeg. He definitely is trying to keep jazz alive and growing in The Peg.



  2. Glad to hear about the improvements, particularly the food. How about new chairs to go with the tables? My backside is still suffering from last summer!

  3. Cory (and all)….the changes sound incredible. It’s no easy thing to reno an existing business and not miss a ‘beat’…Congrats. I look forward to seeing/hearing the changes when I’m back in the country. Good luck to all…

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