It’s been tough to find a spare minute to do any kind of blogging of late!!

So much going on, most of it good.  I recently received quite a favorable review in Downbeat Magazine for UP A STEP which I’m really proud of.  I had no idea that record would be received as well as it has been.  I have been critical of Downbeat before and will continue to be critical of it when I see fit but in any event it’s nice to get a good review in a magazine of that stature.

Have some nice gigs coming up including today October 13  at PAT’S PUB with C.T.A.S. featuring CHRIS DAVIS trumpet, CHRIS GESTRIN keys, ANDRE LACHANCE bass and JESSE CAHILL drums. Should be good times. On Tuesday the 16th it’s session 3 of 4 of the Jesse Cahill’s Night Crawlers live recording.  We have raised just over 15% of what we need and we have around 3 weeks left. You can click the link above to watch a video and find out how to contribute to what we’re doing.  I have to say this is my favorite band to play in. All the musicians are so great and music is very grooving. Jesse is coming into his own as a leader and learning what that role is all about and in the end we’re going to have a great recording.

On Thursday I start my role as the guest conductor for the BCMEA Honor Band and am nervous but very excited about the opportunity.

Fun times.


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