I have visited a friend of mine who came upon a record collection a couple of times and walked away with some gems! One such gem is a Don Byas recording called Jazz…Free & Easy on the savoy label. For those that k ow me I trend towards bop and hard bop oriented music but this date is a straight ahead old school swing date and is super enjoyable. Screw bop, who needs it? JUST KIDDING. In any event it’s a great date. Byas swings his ass off.


One thought on “BYAS OPINION

  1. Byas was a hero to all the great tenor players, Griff, Lockjaw, Newk, Jug etc. Byas himself never said he was influenced by anybody except Art Tatum. He was a true giant but left the coutry in 1946 to live in Europe therefore was sadly forgotten by most Americans but not by players. He came back in the early 70’s to do a short tour with Blakey then returned to Europe and died of lung cancer in 1972. Byas was a great link between swing and bop. Talk about control, sound and technique! One bad cat!

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