2012 In Review PART 1

2012 in a lot of ways was a weird year. In a lot of ways its a year I’d like to forget on many counts but it was also a year (yet again) of some incredible music at the club and some great personal music making experiences.  This post in in NO WAY a complete list of things that thrilled me but I thought it would be  fun post to review a few highlights!

JANUARY 13/14/15 – NIGHT CRAWLERS WITH THE BIG BAND SOUND.  This is a personal favorite of mine. I have a lot financially and personally invested in this band and Jesse has become a very close friend and someone that I work with a lot. This band was our vision and everytime we have an opportunity to perform it’s fun and this three night gig was no exception.

FEBRUARY was an INSANE month both at the club and in my personal gigging. I got to head to Toronto to play a bunch of gigs with BERNIE SENENSKY. This is the second time I have done this and playing with Bernie is a huge thrill.  I also got to play a couple of hits with TERRY CLARKE which were awesome.

FEBRUARY 18th, 19th – THE BENNY GREEN TRIO with Peter Washington and Kenny Washinton

FEBRUARY 24th, 25th – THE TILDEN WEBB TRIO with guest PETER BERNSTEIN.  If you know me at all, Berns as we call him is hands down my favorite guitarist. I love this guy, he is a remarkable musician and this was an electric weekend of music. We recorded it for a download only release.



1st/2nd was probably the highlight of my year when alto saxophone Vincent Herring came to the club and played with Tilden Webb  on piano, Ken Lister on bass and Jesse Cahill on drums. Unbelievable!!

16th  to 18th  – The Ian McDougall 12tet performed three awesome nights that were recorded and released independantly by Ian.

23rd – 31st – 2nd Annual New York With Weeds!! Words cannot express how much fun this was!








13th/14th – I played at Smalls In New York City with pianist SPIKE WILNER, drummer BRIAN FLOODY, bassist SEAN CRONIN and my good friend IAN HENDRICKSON-SMITH

17th – got to hit with JOEY DEFRANCESCO organ, BYRON LANDHAM drums and JOE MAGNARELLI trumpet in Pittsburgh.  This was one of the most fun gigs I have ever done.’


4th/5th – drummer Jon McCaslin celebrated the release of his wonderful CD Sunalta on the Cellar Live label. The band of PHIL DWYER saxophones, BRAD TURNER trumpet, TILDEN WEBB piano and JODI PROZNICK bass were on fire on the is particular weekend.


1st/2nd – without question the best I have ever played the saxophone This was the most fun I have ever had playing music. A tribute to Cannonball Adderly with drummer ROY MCCURDY!!!  BRAD TURNER piano, ANDRE LACHANCE bass and CHRIS DAVIS trumpet rounded out the group and it was simply awesome!

Cory Weeds Quintet featuring Roy McCurdy  — June 1, 2012-2





18th –  I had the great pleasure of performing a duo concert with the great Benny Green at my friend Norah Johnston’s house. It was an experience I will never ever forget.  Benny is a monster.






29th/30th – My quintet co-led with Bill Coon featuring Lewis Nash on drums, Peter Washington on bass and Ross Taggart on tenor and piano. This was a magical weekend and given Ross’ health issues it was more special.

I’ll get to part 2 soon!



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