DAY 1 continued

We arrived at Clackamus Community College for our clinic right at hit time, 2:00 on the nose. It was a great clinic and it was very cool because it was the first time we saw the music. I have to say, I’m very excited about the tunes!  The music is awesome! We actually stayed for a few minutes after the clinic to rehearse which was great.

We played at Ivories in Portland. Its a fantastic room. Unfortunately there were only 20 people that thought our quintet was worthy of making the effort to come out. Not the best way to start the tour. It didn’t however deter us from a) having a great time and b) playing spirited music with our friend Ross Taggart.

Special guests included Tom Wakeling (bassist), Darrell Grant and George Colligan (pianists), Matt Baker (vocalist), Nick O’toole (engineer for Positone Records)


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