When on the road its amazing how little time you have for everything!  I have just gotten over the shock of what occurred in Medicine Hat. Hopefully the pics below will give you some sort of idea.  Picture driving through a tiny town, through the town and then up a big hill that really looks like its gonna end in nowheresville.  Right before you’re ready to give up, there is one more subdivision then you see this tall gentleman waving you into a driveway with two garage doors up.  We walk in and its unexplainable. It looks like the most organized trinket garage sale you’ve ever seen in your life.  It seems like everything is perfectly placed down to every last little trinket.  A rag tag collection of chairs, the best 80’s vinyl record collection ever!

Cahill in heaven!

Cahill in heaven!

Little Man in Black :)

Little Man in Black 🙂

Ye Old Jar Bar

Ye Old Jar Bar

Once we got over the shock we quickly realized that we were gonna have an amazing time in this place and thats exactly what we did.  An amazing dinner of Rouladen (A german/dutch dish) which is pickles  wrapped in bacon and thinly sliced beef!  The show was awesome.

The drive to Edmonton was a long one with some traffic issues and when we arrived it was about -23 out. So freaking cold. I haven’t felt cold like that in a long time! The Yardbird is always a nice place to play although for me personally I felt like I hit a wall. Everything finally caught up with me and I just had nothing left in the tank. The band sounded great, special mention to Jesse who drove the band hard from beat one!

Off to Vancovuer today less than 24 hours and then off to Montreal!

How great is this picture of Ross!  That’s Benny Golson leaning over just watching and listening to Ross Play. Priceless!




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