Just finally back in the room (at 3:07 AM) after a great gig and an incredible hang.

We did a great afternoon show at York University this afternoon and then headed to theex to check in. I got to spend a few hours with my very pregnant sister, her partner Michelle and my nephew Jackson. What a cute little guy! We ate Trini style! Stew Chicken! It was awesome.

The gig at The Rex was phenomenal. I love that place so much. It was great to chat with Tom Tytel who runs the place. I always look forward to seeing him. He has been really supportive of me over the ears and I’d like to think I have done good business for him. Tonight was good. About 90 people or so! The best part of tonight was the massive amount of musicians who where there!

Saxophonists Kirk MacDonald, Jeff King and Taylor Cook, vocalists Maureen Kennedy and Fern Linzdon, drummers Joel Haynes and Kevin Coady, trombonist Al Kay, recording engineer extraordinaire Steve Bellamy, bassist Alex Coleman….god, I know I’m missing some people. BERNIE SENENSKY I forgot!!

It was a great night!!! Tomorrow, WATERLOO!!!



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