A 5.5 hour drive took 8 hours today due to some very very crazy weather. Jesse and Tilden deserve a medal for their stealth driving today. We just took it slow and arrived at the Davis household at around 545 today to a delicious home-cooked italian meal by Steve’s wife Mary.  We also hung for a minute with their two kids, Angie and Nicki. Cute as buttons!

It was off to Black Eyed Sally’s. Despite the bad weather the attendance was okay with about 40 people making the trek one which was the great Nat Reeves!!!! Also a great young trumpeter named Josh Bruneau came down and sat it. You’ll be hearing more from this guy!!!  Steve’s wife Mary also played a tune with us and sounded fantastic (on piano).  It was a fun gig but fatigue and the stress of the drive was prevalent.  Tomorrow other than the clinic in the morning we don’t play so we can sort of rest before the big recording date.

Playing with Nat Reeves

Playing with Nat Reeves and Mary Davis

Me at Professor Reeves

Me at Professor Reeves

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