So the tour has been going awesome and very little can go wrong at this point or so I thought. My saxophone case broke in Hartford which certainly is not the end of the world by any stretch but an inconvenience nonetheless. After an awesome night last night at Smoke


And a good sleep Ken and I got up to head downtown to Sam Ash to get me a new case. We arrived to find out that Sam Ash was closed for renos. No biggie, around the corner is Roberto’s Winds. As we were walking I switched my horn to my other hand and something clicked in my back and I felt pain in my back like I never have. I’m still in some discomfort but it has calmed a bit. I was very scared Id have to bail tonight but I have Ibuprofen and I’m just gonna have to toughen up but boy does it hurt.Little Kenny saved my ass!!

On a good note the club is almost sold out tonight. Wow! Wish me luck, I’m gonna need it!



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