I’m sitting in a little Turkish cafe on Central Park West getting ready for the 6 hour haul to Montreal and the scope of why we’ve done since January 9th is pretty crazy. I think it’s just hitting me now. I’m exhausted.

Last night was weird. The club was pretty full but the vibe was very down. I’m not sure why but it was very noticeable. A lot of young people with their heads buried in their phone etc. the first set was so so musically. I think we got a really great take of Ken Lister’s tune Something Borrowed and a good take of Ross’ ballad, Thinking Of You. The band started to loosen up as the night went on but I never felt like I got comfortable. I’ll have to listen to it all at some point before making any serious judgements.

It was special to play at Smoke and the staff was awesome.

It’s back to reality tomorrow but that can’t come soon enough. I miss my wife and kids sooo much and I can’t wait to see them all!!

Special guests: Peter Washington, Ian Hendrickson-Smith, Misha Piatigorsky, Marcus Parsley, Victo Noriega

One thought on “THE SMOKE CLEARED

  1. Been following this amazing tour everyday, always feel the ups and downs that comes through so powerfully with Cory’s honest up-front descriptions of daily life on the road. It must be truly exhausting and yet so rewarding too. Time to come home Cory

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