If you like jazz, are on Facebook or spend anytime on the internet you likely have heard about the FUCK WAYNE SHORTER comment posted by a young saxophonist named Alex Hoffman. If you’ve been following with any interest you have seen the fallout, the ramapge by those offended (of which I am one) the posts of support for those that have the ‘freedom of speech’ attitude etc. etc.

I don’t wish to get into a serious, philosophical debate about it because both Alex Hoffman and Wayne Shorter for that matter are NOT in my circle of interest but I want to give my well thought out (or so I hope) ideas about whats so wrong with it.

It simply boils down to the fact that it was hateful and hurtful and it sparked more hate and more hurtfulness. Just read the Facebook replies. Some of them are awful. I for one am sick of all the hate. If you are are hater and don’t get me wrong for one second, there are lots of things that I hate or seriously dislike about certain music and certain musicians. Amongst friends and collegues I speak freely about them (not that that makes hating any better) but when you perpetuate hate in a public form I think it’s really problematic and I actually found myself after posting a few of my own responses (which I wish I didn’t) feeling very sad. It’s sad. Have we not been paying attention to whats been going on in the world? There is enough hate going around to last us lifetime after lifetime after lifetime.

I am an opinionated guy and generally freely speak about my opinions and will likely to continue to do so but when I decide to blog about something, speak in public about something or someone I am certainly going to make sure that I’m not perpetuating hate.

There is so much anger, resentment, jealousy in the music business and specifically the jazz business. Its getting in the way of a lot of great things. I get it, its competitive, times are hard for many a musician and we’re all trying to get a piece of the same pie. What it boils down to though is we’re all just trying to do our thing, trying to play our music, trying to do whats best for our careers, whether that be musically or financially motivated. Who cares, we’re all just out there trying to do our stuff.

Who the hell am I to say “fuck this guy” or “fuck that guy” let a lone saying it about an absolute master musician. I am happy that Mr. Hoffman is being taken to task for his comments, he should be. He was ill-advised and his comments were, well, silly and unneccessary. I really could care less about what he thinks of Wayne Shorter. I’m not exactly the biggest of Shorter fans but what is upsetting about it is again….wait for it…the HATE that it created.

No more hate. Please no more hate.





  1. never having been one to cast jugdement on what other people want to do with their music. i find it all very silly really. best to work on your own thing and let others do the same.

  2. It is not enough to just “not hate”…a little compassion and empathy might be good too. It seems pretty clear Alex Hoffman is struggling with some problems, maybe a mood disorder or psychiatric condition, not to mention he’s reading existential nihilists like Schopenhauer which probably isn’t helping him much.
    all these posts and comments on facebook, blogs, etc are just bullying..
    I am much more offended by all this criticism and lack of empathy, than by his original statement/comment thread, which was clearly written by a troubled individual.

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