On Feb 21, Cellar Jazz reached an all-time high in sponsoring great musical evenings – regardless of style or venue. Hosting the Christian McBride Trio proved to be incredibly memorable – no one wanted to leave even after the second sparkling set. Christian McBride had already established a stellar reputation on the bass, and he was in classic form that night. But bringing a scintillating piano player – 23-year-old Christian Sands, whose lightening speed and dexterity electrified the group – and the wily drummer, Ulysses Owen Jr., whose solid beats centered and sparked each piece, left the audience agape with admiration, beating their hands to a pulp with thunderous applause. The trio tried out-performing one another with swinging new ideas and sweet, winning combinations, showing off their easy camaraderie and infectious humor. These men enjoy one another’s company and have no problem competing for top slot or meshing melodiously from one song to another.

This was a magic night, and everyone in the audience knew it. If you have the chance to beg, borrow or steal a ticket for Friday, Saturday or Sunday [Feb 22, 23, 24], you’ll bless the day you spent the night at Cellar Jazz.



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