I have had many a great experience in my 13 years of running The Cellar. Too many to count. I have to say however without question, that out of our ‘big’ shows The Christian McBride Trio has been THE most pleasurable on every level. It started from the second I picked him up at the airport. He casual demeanour and laid back attitude immediately took away any stress that may have built up. I can’t say enough about his attitude, his vibe, his personality. He made me feel like we were best friends. Not that he had much to complain about (except maybe the lack of dressing room) but they trio and him did not complain or say one negative thing about anything. The best part about this is that it translated to the music. Happy, swinging and simply beautiful. Highlights included the beautiful ballad from The King And I called I Have Dreamed on which Christian McBride played bow. Breathtaking. Another highlight was Oscar Peterson’s Hallelujah Time in which 23 year old pianist Christian Sands clearly demonstrated that he is NO stranger to Oscar and his music.

Not only was McBee cool but drummer Ulysses Owens Jr. and Christian Sands are also very nice, down to earth and cool people. The whole vibe was really something special!



One thought on “MCBRIDE’S WORLD

  1. I concur, of all the wonderful nights I have had the privilege of spending at the Cellar, this was simply THE BEST. I do not kid when I say I was just spellbound and not just by Mcbride himself but thought Christian Sands and Ulysses (What a great name for a Drummer) were just brilliant. Cannot speak too highly of all these musicians and if I can find them anywhere, anytime I would be right there. Cory mentioned laid back, all I can say is they seemed to just ENJOY themselves, brought the audience in with such good humour, you could listen, laugh and smile and then have tears in your eyes when Mcbride played “I have dreamed” with his bow. Magic Moment of many great moments. Thank you Cory Weeds, bring them back soonest.

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