Well day 3 was a good one! It’s cold in New York City but it’s not dampening anyone’s spirits. The day started out with nice weather as we made our way down to Small’s Jazz Club for a private, early afternoon performance by the wonderful Johnny O’Neal. He really is a treasure.  He is hard to explain but suffice to say his singing and piano playing are impeccable. The drummer’s name escapes me and the Canadian bassist, Luke Sellick deserves special mention. It’s so rare to hear young kids swinging like that and swing he did.  For some reason no one, including the group leader went upstairs and looked at the weather before deciding to walk the 30 minutes to Acapella Restaurant.  It was downright nasty but the group toughed it out and we walked through the snow and freezing rain to arrive for a truly wonderful italian meal.

From there it was more snow and sleet but luckily very very cool Silver Lining was just around the corner and the music was simply superb! Peter Zak on piano, Peter Bernstein on guitar, Paul Gill on bass and Jason Brown on drums!  Awesome!



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