Its shocking to me that we’re almost done!! Only 3 more days. Yesterday was a long one (for me) but a good one. We went to Klavierhaus at 58th and 7th Avenue which is a high end piano retailer.  They have a beautiful little recital hall that fits seats about 50 people. My friend Jimmy Katz gave a very wonderful talk on jazz photography and showed a bunch of his images to the group.  They LOVED it, as did I.  From there most of the group left but some hard cores stayed on and witnessed pianist DAVID HAZELTINE and I record about 8 or 9 tunes. It was a lot of fun. Playing duo is very challenging and David is such a high level musician. I think we got some stuff but as is always the case I would’ve liked a few more tries on a few things.

After that session it was off to the wine shop to get some vino for the night time recording with The Tardo Hammer Trio featuring Lee Hudson on bass, Jimmy Wormworth on drums and Tardo Hammer on piano

Today is gonna be a fun day!


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