DAY 8- It’s all over

photoA fantastic way to end the tour. A trip up to East Harlem to Creole Restaurant. A place where they were happy to have us and appreciated our business. Funny concept!! The band…WOW!  Joe Magnarelli on trumpet, Dick Oatts on alto saxophone and flute, Barak Mori on bass, Spike Wilner on piano and Jason Brown on drums.  The food was fantastic, the music spectacular.

What a wonderful group of people I have had the pleasure of hanging out with. They put so much faith and trust in me, sometimes more than I had in myself.  The 3rd Annual New York With Weeds was a huge success and is a huge part of my year that I look so forward to every year.

To top it all off, Alana, Kayley, Noah and I went to the LeDonne’s house for an incredibly delicious Sicilian meatball dinner. All I can say is wow!

New York……to you I say. Thank you.  Your city never disappointes, I experience the full range of emotions when I am here. You throw everything you can at me and I try to take it all in. It’s no wonder why you are the greatest city in the whole word and why my love affair with you will never ever get old.  You have a tough exterior but on the inside you are caring and compassionate and super friendly. Don’t go changing!



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