I’ve raised the bar for amount of blog post hits in the last few days that’s for sure.  Now that the Vanguard saga/controversy has died down I’d like to concentrate on more positive things!  I have two of my favorite all time musicians coming to the club iGeorgeColemanSaxn the next 3 weeks and I’m super pumped!

It was a miracle in 2009 when got Big G (George Coleman) to come to the club with another favorite of mine, Eric Alexander.  George is sort of semi retired and the majority of his performing happens in and around the New York area and even those performances are sparse.  For those that don’t know our dear departed friend ROSS TAGGART was a huge fan of George Coleman and actually studied with him in New York City.  Ross’ last dinner outside of the hospital was with his hero in New York City!  As we all were, Big G was very saddened by Ross’ passing and expressed an interest in coming to Vancouver to play in honor of his (our) departed friend!  This is going to be absolutely awesome. George still plays with the rapid fire precision and reckless abandon that he always has.  The 3 nights are almost sold out! It’s going to be awesome!

Then on April 12th and 13th another favorite of mine GRANT STEWART comes to town to make a live album for Cellar Live with The Miles Black Trio!  Check out the video below of one of Grant’s last shows at The Cellar! Its gonna be TENOR MADNESS at The Cellar!

Gonna be good times!




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