Well, the most anticipated weekend at The Cellar in a long time (at least for me) got off to an auspicious start!  I started to feel like I was getting the flu yesterday at about 11:00 AM.  I made it through the day and managed to get to the club with George Coleman. It wasn’t pretty once I got there but I kept it together enough to introduce the band which I have to say in the 13 years I have owned the club and doing the intros, it was my worst ever! I was just trying not to pass out.  Although I should’ve made the quick B LINE home I just couldn’t pull myself away and I managed to catch the first 3 tunes. Absolutely beautiful!  George, although looking a little frail these days came alive when he put that saxophone to his lips and sounded absolutely tremendous.  Jodi, Jesse and Miles did us all proud to sounding wonderful as they always do!



2 thoughts on “BIG G

  1. Opening night with George Coleman was very special – like a long drawn out conversation with a good friend. George didn’t really need to say much, he said a lot with his horn. Not many left like George.

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