nocoverchargeI have been critical in past blog posts about students and what I feel is a sense apathy amongst them. It is important to point out however when you see or notice a shift in that feeling.  This past weekend with George Coleman the student body in this city was represented so well. I was so impressed with the number of students from the various colleges, universities and even high schools that were present to see a living legend of this music. Truth be told, likely the LAST chance they will have to here him. At least in Vancouver.  WAY TO GO STUDENTS!! You did me proud. I am not happy because the club was full, I’m not happy because you were all drinking and eating. I am HAPPY because you got to see a legend play and witness a level of depth on the bandstand that is hard to hear these days. You also got to hear our ‘locals’ play their asses off in a less than ideal situation. It was awesome!

I haven’t reinvented the wheel in by any stretch in terms of ways to make things affordable to students. I have merely tried to connect with them via an email list and I continue to try to make The Cellar more affordable for them and make the music easier to access.

With that in mind, I wanted to let EVERYONE, not just students know that our current run with MUSIC ON MAIN TUESDAYS has come to an end and we’re re-introducing our NO COVER TUESDAYS. Im currently in the process of booking but there is some great stuff upcoming. Here are a few of the upcoming shows:

April 16th – CORY WEEDS QUARTET “SOUND OF SONNY” featuring Cory Weeds – tenor sax, MILES BLACK piano, JODI PROZNICK bass & JULIAN MACDONOUGH drums

April 30th – POLL WINNNERS featuring BILL COON guitar, JODI PROZNICK bass & JESSE CAHILL drums

May 14th & 28th – UP A STEP: THE MUSIC OF HANK MOBLEY featuring CORY WEEDS tenor sax, OLIVER GANNON guitar, CHRIS GESTRIN organ and JESSE CAHILL drums


August 27th – BRAD TURNER RHODES trio

These are just the ones that are booked. There will be a ton more!


2 thoughts on “STUDENTS & NO COVER & NO EXCUSE

  1. This seems like a very generous offer to Vancouver’s jazz student intelligencia. I hope to see more of them take advantage on Tuesday nights.

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