God my heart is still racing from the whirlwind day I had!

First off, I turn 40 this year. The exact date is December 5th.  What does a jazz loving 40 year old buy himself for his birthday you ask? Well, I booked LEGENDARY DRUMMER LOUIS HAYES & THE CANNONBALL ADDERLY  LEGACY BAND for 4 days.  Not only that, the band will also be doing a live recording for Cellar Live!  If that’s not enough…..I will be officially co-representing the band in a booking/management capacity moving forward. I will be working with Mary Scott.  This is all very very exciting.  Its going to be the best birthday ever.louis-hayesDates haven’t been announced quite yet but you’ll want to keep the end of November and early December open as its down to one of two weekends. I should have information by week’s end.

In other news, The Cellar has a new addition to the family!  Yup, we finally found a beautiful STEINWAY B to replace our Yamaha piano that has served us extremely well for the better part of 10 years at The Cellar.  We will hopefully have the piano for this week’s recording of tenor saxophonist GRANT STEWART & THE MILES BLACK TRIO.  A big thanks to TILDEN WEBB and ROBERT SILVERMAN for testing out the piano and of course SCOTT HARKER for taking not one but two trips to the residence to inspect the piano.

This is a big investment for the club but one that we think is so worthwhile.  We will be putting together a fundraiser and a ‘buy a key’ campaign in the coming weeks in hopes of raising between $20,000 and $30,000.  More info on that soon!

And if that wasn’t enough we had 2 more people sign up for NEW YORK WITH WEEDS 2014.  Id say all in all it was a pretty successful day wouldn’t you?





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