Wow, what a morning today!  Tenor saxophonist GRANT STEWART brought me three records from New York City that were given to me by my good friend FRED COHEN at The Jazz Record Center. These were gifts for bringing my NY WITH WEEDS group to his shop where the proceeded to drop hundreds of dollars!

I had a rare morning in that Alana and Noah went to the gym and Kayley was so excited to play with Noah’s trains while he was gone I threw on some music!  First up: ANOTHER GIT TOGETHER: Art Farmer/Benny Golson Jazztet.  I have been listening to a lot of this band because of our upcoming gig doing their music on May 31st and June 1st (see below).

photoA tremendous recording to say the least and not much else needs to be said.  I love the cover of this album to. I have never seen it before. For all I know it may be released on CD but I don’t care, I don’t buy CDS anymore and it always sounds better on vinyl anyways!

I have been thinking alot about the dates (not announced yet) with pianist HAROLD MABERN and his trio in September. We’re doing a little tour in September and then recording an album. I have spoken with Eric Alexander a lot about material and how do approach playing with Mabes and he helped me out alot.  I thought however it would be a good idea to chat with drummer Joe Farnsworth about it as well. Conversations with Farns are always fun and unpredicatable. He was in great mood and had lots to say about what to expect, what we should record and how to approach Mabes in general.  His best advice was “listen to consequence and write some shit in that vein.”  Off to the gym I went and HOLY CRAP!!! To be re-introduced to this record is the highlight of my day and its only 9:43 AM!

32460347Here is the promo flyer for our JazzTet gig as well!

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