Well, I haven’t posted anything controversial in a while so my hits have gone down significantly. Actually I haven’t posted much of anything lately so perhaps thats the reason there hasn’t been much activity on the old blog lately. I have a reputation as someone who doesn’t like singers which is very very far from the truth. Take for instance CHAMPIAN FULTON. This is one singer I dig and dig a lot! I had seen Champian on Facebook a bunch and heard her name here and there but it wasn’t until (very cleverly, I might add) that my friend Marc Edelman at Sharp Nine Records included her CD in the same package as the David Hazeltine Trio recording that I requested. I have to admit, upon seeing the CD I reacted generally the same way I do whenever I get a CD from a vocalist. It seems these days I get a CD everyday from someone claiming to be a singer. What caught my eye about this CD was the appearance of one of my favorite saxophonists Eric Alexander . I can’t remember if he is on the first track or not but what I do remember is when I put the CD on I had totally forgot that he was even on it. Champian is fantastic. Her voice is amazing, she doesn’t over sing anything ever and her piano playing is very Red Garland-ish. I was so impressed I immediately got in touch with her and booked a date at The Cellar. That date is upon us. She is here on Friday and Saturday, May 24/25 and she is appearing with me on tenor saxophone, Jodi Proznick on bass and Julian MacDonough on drums. It’s gonna be a lot of fun!

And for the record there are a TON of singers out there I like and we are lucky here in Vancouver to be blessed with many great vocalists!



3 thoughts on “I DON’T LIKE SINGERS

  1. Nice to know you don’t hate all singers. 😉

    I’m always particularly impressed with vocalists who are also so proficient on other instruments. I see from Champian’s website that she doesn’t just have amazing piano chops, but plays trumpet, as well. I guess it wouldn’t surprise me to find out she plays any number of other instruments.

  2. Hello Cory, just wanted to let you know I’ve featured the Cellar Jazz Club on my blog as part of a series, Vancouver Views. We used our own photos taken at a couple of the shows we attended. We are long-time fans of you, the club, the Nightcrawlers, and the many excellent acts you bring to the stage. Hope you don’t mind. You used to sit us by the stage a lot, so we had a great view.

    http://dghudson.blogspot.ca/2013/05/music-in-cellar-vancouver-views.html (DG Hudson’s blog-Rainforest Writing, that’s me.)

  3. I hate all jazz singers… To me, jazz is too abstract to be immitated by the human voice. Even if it’s just scatting, I still feel distracted. I find it much more interesting if an instrument immitates the human voice than vice versa.

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