I came into a boat load of records a few months ago. There were a bunch of gems in there that I have really been enjoying but there were a bunch that I couldn’t use or wouldn’t listen to.  I dropped them off at AUDIOPILE on Commercial Drive  and told Jeff (the owner) that I’d be back there the following week to get whatever he would give me in trade. Well about 6 weeks past until I finally remembered to drop by their today!  To my surprise it came out to about $130 in trade which I was ecstatic about.  I didn’t have a lot of time to look but I picked up some beauties. The first three I listened to were all burning!

soul fusion ‘Soul Fusion’ with Milt Jackson and The Monty Alexander Trio (John Clayton -bass, Jeff Hamilton – drums) from 1977 is seriously swinging. I had never seen this album before. Parking Lot Blues is a tune that my dad introduced me to and I think the only version of that tune I’d heard was from a Plas Johnson recording.  I have been trying to get this version of the Monty Alexander Trio at the club for years and I came oh so close for this August because they’re in Seattle.  Unfortunately it didn’t work out. Oh well, next time!


The next one I listened to was a CTI date (in advance of C.T.A.S.’s performance at The Cellar in late August) by Stanley Turrentine, again featuring Milt Jackson called Cherry! I love this record.  It’s super funky. They start off with a tune called Sister Sanctified which I used to play with Crash. The only version of it that I have heard is by Maceo Parker.  Stanley and Milt as expected are tearing it up!  Its got that classic CTI sound, especially the bass which is played by Ron Carter. I love their version of I Remember You.

baby face

The last one that I listened to before my wife BEGGED for some quiet time was Baby Face Willette’s Behind The 8 Ball. This could be some of the greasiest organ music I’ve ever heard.  The cover of this record alone is worth it. Such a great cover!  It was a good listening day. I still have Jackie McLean’s Capuchin Swing, another Baby Face Willette side and another Stanley Turrentine side to get to!




  1. I played Parking Lot Blues with my trio when I was in about Grade 9. Pat Collins was the bass player and we had a good drummer who became a civil engineer. Anyway, we entered the PNE talent contest, and won the regional (mid-island) contest so we got to go to the big show. It was mostly pop singers (a Billy Joel style guy called Cos Natola won first prize). Anyway, part of the deal was that we got backed up by the Bob Hales band and when we finished playing our song at the rehearsal all the guys stood up and gave us a round of applause. Jack Stafford, Stew, Don Clark, et al. It was a huge thrill being on stage with those guys. Anyway, I loved that Soul Fusion album, I still have the vinyl.

    • Nice! Great story Phil. Soul Fusion, this shit is killing me. Why there are so many musicians out there who make a conscious effort not to swing is beyond me.

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