I shouldn’t be surprised by some of the comments I’m getting here and on Facebook. I started my post by saying as much. Im happy that people like Mark and other people that are more articulate than me are talking about this. This is also NOT a shot at the Vancouver Jazz Festival or any other festival for that matter nor is it a shot at any musicians that play music that’s a bit left of Center.

I have strong opinions about what I like and strong opinions about what I don’t like and what I feel is ruining jazz. I don’t wish to get into a definition of what jazz is so I’m inventing a new genre within the umbrella of jazz and its called MyJazz and it can be whatever the hell I want it to be. MyJazz is defined as including all of the elements that I outlined in my original post. If it doesn’t contain healthy amounts of those things then it can’t be in my genre.

Long live MyJazz!


3 thoughts on “MY JAZZ

  1. Well Cory..what can i say. You really are a special man.I love what you’ve done so far not only for the global musicians that chose to play your room but to all the local recording artists that see you as the only place to play in town.Wonderful!

    I’ve been a recording artist for 30 years as well as a live performer right here in Vancouver.I raised 3 children and that was my that my children have left the nest I’m prepared to continue on with my goals in the music business.

    Just so you know Cory. I’m no stranger to what you’ve had to deal with to keep this wonderful venue alive. I spent a year of my life,time and money to open the then Ford theatre (Performing arts centre)under the direction of Bill Kerr the GM in 2000. We had a wonderful program of events to offer. Alas the venue was bought out by 4 doctors and that was that.
    Subsequently in 2010 I tried to book the Yellow Jackets in Vancouver for that whole year only to be turned down by The Chan Center, Ken Pickering (who by the way partied with Jimmy Haslip. (Bass player for the Yellow Jackets),The Orpheum,The Queen Elizabeth,Cap college,and many more. They didn’t want to take a chance on an unknown act!! I thought to my self..If they can’t fill a room what chance do I have.

    so….Here’s where I’m going with this Cory. I know you’ve been dealing with landlord issues..Maybe it’s time for you to move into a larger venue. If you had a club that seated 3 to 4 hundred Patrons you could get any jazz artist in your club.Not too big yet intimate enough to maintain what you’ve already established, and attract those other artists to your room.Please let me know what you think Cory.All the same. I ‘m about ready to leave this province as a professional musician to find gainful employment elsewhere. Friends and family in New York and LA asking me to leave this wonderful city.Such a tough call.

    Big time respect to you Cory. Keep up the fight. You amaze me cause your still gigging and running the club. Much kudos to you!

    Call me any time if you need any help.

    Denis Simpkin


  2. Cory,
    I’m just glad that “your” jazz & mine coincide so often, since you’re the person who affords me the opportunity to hear any live jazz on a regular basis, living in this less than cosmopolitan city. (No pressure!)

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