000e6060_mediumI just can’t seem to get enough of Milt Jackson these days. Perhaps its my recent gigs with Craig Scott and our upcoming recording.  I came into a few LPs again the other day and there were a lot of Pablo.  I can be ignorant sometimes ( I know, who knew right?) and I had kind of written off Pablo Records.  After reading Norman Granz’ biography I started pulling a lot of the Pablo Records that I had and checking them out and then as I said earlier came into a bunch more the other day and one of them is “NIGHT MIST” by Milt Jackson. What a phenomenal album.  Its basically all blues so how can you go wrong.

I am particularily knocked out by Eddie Cleanhead Vinson on alto saxophone. Such a great sound!  It also features the tasty drumming of underrated Laurence Marable who doesn’t get talked about alot.  Rounding out the band is Ray Brown on bass, Art Hillery on piano, Eddie Lockjaw Davis on tenor saxophone and Harry Sweets Edison on trumpet.



One thought on “MORE MILT, MORE MILT

  1. now THAT is music to my ears, big fan of Milt and to find him with Lockjaw (what a great nickname) and Harry “Sweets’ a Sinatra favourite and the rest of this band. Glad to be around just to hear it, smile on my face. Never get enough of Vibe Players..heck I even like Lionel Hampton, Pete Appleyard a fave.

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