HAMMER (not Tardo), VINYL (free) and MILES…………………………..VANGUARD

What a whirlwind week. It always throws a wrench into things when we have a big event at the beginning of the week. It’s something that doesn’t happen that often.  Drummer JEFF HAMILTON and his trio of TAMIR HENDELMAN on piano and CHRISTOPH LUTY on bass swung their collective asses off.  There is something about his trio that I love. It is heavily arranged but it’s not to rigid. They all really get a chance to just let loose and let loose they did. Jeff is on stage like he is off stage. A gregarious, engaging and funny dude willing to go the extra mile to engage with his audience.  It was a blast.

Was perusing Facebook this evening and came across a great post by pianist Robert Silverman:

“I Just finished listening to Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue (on vinyl, natch). Of course we all know that vinyl sounds better, it’s more involving, etc. etc bla bla. But what I also realized today is that the sheer act of going to my LP shelf, actually picking out something to listen to, taking it out of its sleeve, cleaning it, putting it on the turntable and gently dropping the stylus onto the outer groove, somehow enhances our involvement with the music, even if, as I confess I have been known to do, we then listen while we’re doing something else. Just clicking on a filename is too damned easy. Yes, playing a CD involves almost the same process. Except you and I know, it isn’t.”

Can’t really say it much better than that! If you don’t have a record player you should get one. IF YOU DO, I WILL SEND YOU A COPY of my album

I haven’t bought a CD in months, maybe even years but i folded and purchased the MILES DAVIS BOOTLEG SERIES…I think its Volume 2. It’s THE quintet and it features three concerts in Europe.  I was totally ensconced on the drive home from Seattle.  After every solo I would yell out loud….HERBIE……MILES…….RON………WAYNE…..TONY…..Such a killing set!

In other news, someone was denied entry into the Village Vanguard to hear Lou Donaldson because they commented on my blog post about my experience there.  Good to see the old Village Vanguard is still up to their good ol’ tricks. Nice job JED!

More musings later and i will be posting some more unreleased music soon to.

Thank for stopping by.



2 thoughts on “HAMMER (not Tardo), VINYL (free) and MILES…………………………..VANGUARD

  1. Jed is an asshole…but more importantly he is incompetent. The Vanguard is only important as a historical site. Ownership and management has just about run it into the ground. Really a sad state of affairs.

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