It’s a whirlwind at the beginning of September it seems and this year is no different.  There has been no shortage of controversial things that have occurred around me of late such as the recent Branford Marsalis Blindfold Test in Downbeat Magazine where he slags Ravi Coltrane and David Fathead Newman or the high powered agent out of New York City with whom I have had great dealings with demand me to do my homework. Exact quote “do your homework an with all due respect you’d be fucking crazy not to do this.”  This kind of of talk is something that occurs between friends, not between people in a professional working relationship.  I have asked about 20 people about the vocalist he was talking about and they all gave the same response to me that I gave to the agent “never heard of her.”  Or there are the musicians who still can’t find long pants when they do a gig.  I’m gonna buy some spare ones to keep in the office.  There are more but because I’m such a positive outgoing and upbeat person I choose to deal and think about only the good things and here are just a few of the great things that are happening!

a) I’m about to embark on a 14 day 11 gig tour with legendary pianist HAROLD MABERN along with John Webber on bass and Joe Farnsworth on drums (Julian MacDonough will be on a few gigs which is equally as fun).  The tour will result in a recording at a studio in Victoria that will be my 8th record as a leader.

b) Speaking of records as I type this JAZZZWEEK has 3 Cellar Live records on the charts right now: MIKE LEDONNE TRIO – SPEAK, MILES BLACK TRIO with GRANT STEWART – LIVE @ CORY WEEDS’ CELLAR JAZZ CLUB and NIGHT CRAWLERS – VOL. 3.  There are 3 more records ready for the charts in a few weeks: TARDO HAMMER – SIMPLE PLEASURE, PETER BERNSTEIN with THE TILDEN WEBB TRIO – LIVE @ CORY WEEDS’ CELLAR JAZZ CLUB and IAN HENDRICKSON-SMITH’S – TONIGHT IS NOW.

Not only that we have a ton of great releases upcoming in early 2014. Gonna be a blockbuster year for the label.

c) My man SPIKE WILNER successfully finished off his KICKSTARTER  Campaign where he raised $47503 out of $60000.  Not to shabby. Congrats to Spiker and the SMALLS team!

d) LOUIS HAYES CANNONBALL ADDERLY LEGACY BAND is COMING!!! My 40th bday is December 5th and that is night 1 of 4 for this band. We’re recording for a live album and if memory serves I’m playing Easy To Love! Damn.

e) I love jazz music and I love being in this business!

This is so positive its verging on controversial!

Check out this picture of my son helping me stuff envelopes for Canadian media today.  Awesome!photo

See you at the club




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