So I’m nervous enough about playing with the great Harold Mabern and his trio (Joe Farnsworth and John Webber).  The first two nights have gone well but its taking me some time to figure out where I fit in this puzzle. See the first few gigs were with Julian MacDonough on drums and when Farns joined the bag was TOTALLY different. He is so unbelievably burning and the three of those guys have logged liphototerally hundreds of hours on the stage and recording studio together so it felt a little bit like I was crashing their party. That is NOT at all to say they were being unsupportive….the opposite in fact, they were being very supportive but its taking me a minute to feel comfortable. Hopefully tonight I’ll get there. So as I have been constantly thinking to myself “holy shit, I’m playing with Harold Mabern who has played with Jackie McLean, Sonny Rollins, Wayne Shorter, Sonny Sitt, Miles Davis, Lee Morgan,” not to mention one of my favorite younger generation tenor players Eric Alexander, forgive me if I was a bit rattled when I walked into Toys R Us in Brentwood and saw this!!!

In the words of Eric himself “it’s time to power up and toughen up Weeds!”


2 thoughts on “AS IF I NEEDED THIS

  1. Cory, all I can say is on Friday Night I thought you fitted in very well, don’t belittle your abilities at this high level, you deserve to be there. What a great evening of pure fun to my ears. Jazz at it’s best…Club Owner for 13 Years bringing music seven days a week to lazy Vancouverites’, little recognition from the City,probably better known in NY and other US cities than your own and yet still standing up and DOING it. That takes commitment and courage and you have proven you have that in spades.

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