Our 13 year anniversary has come and gone and was filled with all the joys and all the little disasters that have become regular occurrence at our celebrations. The internet went down which renders us almost operationless, two floods which more than anything just caused a lot of stress, people saying they ‘misread’ the website and NOT paying their bill because of their own stupidity, and of course nothing would be complete without a few verbal assaults on the staff. Having said all of that, what trumped all of those things is my hard working staff, the wonderful people in the audience and the musicians who graced our stage.

At our anniversaries we usually feature out of towners as was the case this year with Harold Mabern, John Webber and Joe Farnsworth but without the local talent that graces the club’s stage night after night, the Cellar would cease to exist. Thanks to ALL OF YOU and your immense talent and your dedication to the club and to your art.

Music cures all!

Off to Saltspring with Mabes.


One thought on “THANK YOU

  1. Happy anniversary, Cory! You have such a lovely space and wonderful staff. I hope the little disasters and stress fade quickly from your mind and leave just the awesome celebration.

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