I find myself missing Harold Mabern terribly. I have really had the opportunity to play and hang out with some amazing people in my time as a musician but hanging out with Harold on a daily basis was something I just can’t put into words, then on top of that sharing the stage with him is something that I will cherish forever. Other than a few posts on Facebook and Twitter I didn’t write too much about the epic or not so epic recording session in Victoria. After my experience with recording with with Jim Rotondi, John Webber, Willie Jones III and Ross Taggart in New York, I had a pretty good idea that the session with Mabern and co. would be short. By short I meant around 5 – 6 hours. As it turns out it was all of 2 hours. No word of a lie. We arrived at the studio at 10:45, hit record at 11:15 and were hanging out in the back yard of the studio at 1:15 with a record in the can. We did one take of everything and the only tunes we did two takes of were my dad’s boss because we counted it in too fast on the first take. My tune Have You Met Joan we did twice because I wanted brushes but I was overruled 4 -1 (the 4th being producer man Steve Kaldestad) so we did it again with sticks and we did a great take of Lost In The Stars and I screwed up the ending so we just went back and got the last A section and that was it. If I didn’t have Steve there egging me on telling me that there was no need for more takes I would’ve felt pretty scared. I knew I was happy because I didn’t hate myself after the session. That usually means I’m happy 🙂 I have listened to one track that Joby the engineer sent me and it’s pretty cookin.’

Have some great things on iPod and turntable this week. First of all Bryn Roberts’ new CD which I believe is called Fables featuring the great Seamus Blake. This record is killing! Wow! The band will be a the club in November. The complete Clifford Brown / Max Roach Quintet released on vinyl by Mosaic Records. I have just scratched the surface of this one but after listening to 2 sides I can tell the next 4 are going to be worth every freaking second and JACKIE MCLEAN – Capuchin Swing on Blue Note! DAMN!

One last thing on Mabes. Im hoping to add to the New York With Weeds itinerary a live, video and audio taped interview with Harold Mabern!!! People need to hear and see this man!




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