Last night was a little bit more significant than the other December 23rd’s at The Cellar. For me it was the “first of many lasts.”  Unless you’ve had you’re head in the sand you know that on February 27th The Cellar will close its doors at 3611 West Broadway.  The announcement was made on November 17th. It’s amazing how time has flown by. There was the initial outpouring of emails, texts, phone calls and a huge media blitz about the closure and then it died down a little bit.  That was of course until this past three nights when I realized that its would be the last time the B3 Kings would close out the xmas season at The Cellar.  It also made me realize that it is the first of what will be many ‘lasts’ that occur at the club in the coming weeks.

There as an extra little something in all of the bands steps last night.  I have had the great pleasure of making music with alot of people but every year when I grace the stage with Denzal, Bill and Chris something really neat happens.  I can’t explain it, it just happens. I’m going to miss the singing Santa’s and the warm vibe that engulfs The Cellar on December 21, 22 and 23.


Many people have asked about updates as to what may be happening post Cellar.  I don’t have much news to report other than to say I have had several meetings with various restauranteurs, business people, commercial real-estate agents etc about many possibilities. There have been some very good meetings but have for the most part been exploratory.  One we get through the xmas season I will be able to do some follow ups and see if there are any ‘real’ possibilities.

I have applied for a few jobs in artistic fields just to see what might be available to me in the event that owning a club isn’t in my future. We’ll see where that leads and shouldn’t be read to much into.

In addition to the concert series at the VSO School Of Music (see below) I have also signed on to do a night of Wednesdays at TEN TEN TAPAS, a great bistro at 1010 Beach Avenue.  Its a quaint little place (about 50 seats) and they have some music on other nights of the week.  I will be doing some duos there on Wednesdays from 7:00 to 10:00. January 8th – myself and Bill Coon – guitar, January 15th – James Danderfer – clarinet and TBA, January 22nd – myself and Sharon Minemoto – piano and January 29th – Steve Kaldestad – tenor sax and TBA. 

There is NO COVER charge, the food is fantastic and their wine lists is really great as well.  If the nights do well we might expand to trios and will hopefully continue on into February, March and beyond.

People have also been asking me where they can go to find out about future gigs, activities and news etc.  www.cellarjazz.com  will stay active post closing and I will continue to announce events, developments etc. there and of course the blog will stay active as well!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Here are the links to buy tickets to the VSO School Of Music Series:


April 4th –

April 5th –


April 11th-

April 18th –

April 19th –

April 25th –

April 26th –





  1. Merry Christmas Cory! May you and your family enjoy peace and joy over the holidays and on through 2014.

    Thanks for all you have done to bring the joy of live music to me and countless others.


    jonathan@baylis.ca Cell 604 375 6570


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