I thought it might be a good time to post some updates as to what’s been going on since I made the big announcement that The Cellar is closing. Its hard to believe its been almost 8 weeks since I made the announcement and its now much less than 8 weeks that we will close the doors on 3611 West Broadway.

As I have tried to make clear (but not done a great job) the reasons for closing the club are plentiful and not really worth getting into on this blog.  One of the main reasons however is that I need a break. I need to step back for a minute and re-evaluate many things. How long that break needs to be I have no idea.  What I can tell you is that a new club or Cellar re-opening would likely not occur before September.

Since the closing I have had many meetings with some prominent restauranteurs, looked at well over a dozen spaces, applied for 2 jobs (within the arts) and met with the city.  I have had many people come forward with offers of investment money which of course are welcomed but nothing has come to fruition as of yet.  I’m concentrating hard on trying to enjoy the last few weeks of the current incarnation of the club not to mention figuring out how to close down a business etc.  Its all pretty overwhelming but I’m getting through it.

Of course we have the concert series happening in April at the VSO PYATT HALL as well as the Wednesday night Ten Ten Tapas gig and there will be some other things popping up as well until I figure out what the long term future holds.

I have really appreciated all the people that have come forward and offered their help and assistance from contractors to structural engineers to restauranteurs to realtors. It means a great deal to me and you just never know what might come of it.  As I have said in the past I’m open to opportunity and am listening to all things so who knows!



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